Care Instructions

All of our gold beads, chain, findings, earrings, and posts are gold-filled. They have approximately 100 times more actual gold than you would find in a gold plated item. They are water and tarnish resistant, and although many gold filled pieces can last you a lifetime, we do recommend removing them when applying lotions, perfumes, or using any sort of harsh chemicals. To extend the longevity of your gold filled pieces, store them in zippered plastic pouch you received your items in, and gently wipe with a microfiber or soft cloth every so often. If any items begin to look dull after lengthened wear, use mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush to bring them back their shine.


To protect the stretch of any of our stretchy pieces, simply roll the bracelet or ring onto your wrist or finger. We do pre stretch all of our cord, so it is built to withstand the stretch, but this is an extra precaution to prevent any extra wear or breakage to your stretchy pieces.